I’m a goofy Canadian girl who makes videos for the world to see and a blog for the world to read. I hope you don’t think I’m too boring as I try to make my life exciting.


 Hi! My name is Kelly-Anne, and many of you may know me as BellA from my YouTube channel. It is well known that I’m a Canadian, and no. I don’t not live in a igloo, say “aboot” or have a pet polar bear(that would be cool though).

Like many people in this world, I do have anxiety and actually am a very insecure person, even though I act as though I am always happy and don’t have any doubt about myself. Even though I haven’t had a anxiety attack in a while, I do know that it could happen at anytime but I try to not let it control my life because I don’t want to let the great things in life pass by me.

People like the famous YouTuber, Zoella inspire me to stay positive and move forward and never backwards.

And I have a otherwise very normal life filled with amazing people that I can call my friends.


From BellA’s Vlogs: Calgary Tower and City Life https://youtu.be/YtQlcFSn7oY

 I’ve had many adventures and fun moments because of them and honestly, I couldn’t be more thankful for my luck of being able to call them my friends. When I first thought of starting my life on the Internet, I asked them;

“Would you still be my friend if I started a YouTube channel?”

And obvisiously they said yes and in fact helped me build the confidence to actually do it. Even though many of my friends didn’t know for quite a while that I was having a life online, they supported me when they found out, and actually let me have the honour of having them in my Vlogs and actually include them in the process of making the videos.

And now I’ve started a blog since I love to write and am very into fashion, beauty, lifestyle and simply talking to all of you.

I hope that you all like my blog and don’t be afraid to give any feedback or simply comment how you are doing and ask any questions you have! I love you!


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