Yeezy Season 5 Review

Hello Bloggers! So New York Fashion Week has come and gone and we saw so many good designs and shows, you’d think that at least one show would be a flop. Perhaps a repeat from last year? 

Yes I am talking about the Yeezy Collection by Kanye West. It’s no question the Yeezy season 4 was not receiving good reviews, from the clothes, to the delay at the show and the models fainting. 

Yet this year, Kanye proved everyone that was against him wrong, and actually produced a wonderful collection and overall show. 

The rapper’s collection was heavily sports and denim influenced and actually looked wearable. I would not be surprised if people start wear knock off versions of some of the collections items. 

Yet, despite Kanye’s collection impressive results, not everything went smoothly. After announcing his Yeezy Season 5 date and time for New York Fashion Week, which initially conflicted with two other designers, CFDA CEO Steven Kolb took a stand against him by refusing to add the Adidas-affiliated brand to the official calendar. In an effort to keep things peaceful, West immediately responded by calling Kolb to personally apologize, ultimately agreeing to push Yeezy’s showtime two hours earlier than originally planned. Not everyone was pleased with Kanye, almost expecting that same results as Season 4’s mess ups. 

As guest went into West’s venue of choice, Pier 59 Studio, everything was pitch black and eerie music was playing. The scheduled time for the show to start was 3pm, but the show started 30 minutes late. Yet this was nothing compared to the two hour wait last year. 

Then the show started and everyone was surprised. Instead of live models, Yeezy Season 5 was presented on large floor-to-ceiling screens, giving everyone an in-your-face look of each outfit while The-Dream’s demo of J. Holiday’s “Bed” played on loop in the background. Though Kanye West didn’t make an appearance after the show, many were pleased with the show and the clothes themselves as they were familiar and stylish. And actually wearable. 

It was dubbed one of the tamest shows of the New York Fashion Week, and Kanye’s good behaviour and comeback was well received by the fashion world. He seems to working his way back into the hearts of editors everywhere. Let us hope for the best, and that Kanye keeps up the great work. He might become a top designer one day. 
Well that’s all for now! Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to follow me for the latest updates in fashion! I love you all and I’ll see you in the next post!



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