Christian Sirian: People Are People

Diversity is a part of the world, and some have struggled to accept it. Namely the fashion industry. Yet designer Christian Sirian pushes through the invisible barrier and showcases a beautifully put together show, with even more beautiful models. New York Fashion Week is said to be the  most diverse show in the history of fashion yet, but Christian  was already way ahead of the rest. He has been using a diverse group of models for quiet awhile, and this year he made a statement within his designs.

The designer put in a shirt the has the caption “People Are People“. The designer has always made clothes for both plus size and regular sized women, proving his message, people are people and should all be accepted.1219chri0472

“Especially with what is happening in our world, it was just important today to show as many different shapes, cultures, everything… just to accept women,” he stated in an interview with Hollywood Life. Well his simple statement has uplifted the hopes and power of women everywhere within the fashion industry and of the world.

Check out some of his beautiful designs below


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