Yeezy To Walk New York Fashion Week Runway

Hello Bloggers! New York Fashion Week is fast approaching, and everyone is wondering. Will there be another Yeezy Collection?

It’s undeniable that Kanye West is a true music talent, but after last year Yeezy Season 4, it was proven that Kanye isn’t prefect at everything. After receiving very mixed reviews, it was unclear if another Yeezy would be returning. 

But it has been confirmed Yeezy collection is returning to New York Fashion Week this February for its Season 5 iteration. According to a press blast, Yeezy will show on Wednesday, February 15, at 5:00 p.m., a slot between Anna Sui and Thom Browne, currently also occupied by Marchesa. 

Hopefully this years show will do better, as Season 4 had many issues like being delayed(a huge no no in Fashion Week), technical difficulties, and a model fainted reportedly from standing in the heat for too long. It’s reported this years show will be taking place at Pier 59 at Chelsea Piers, so hopefully things will go more smoothly, as it’s able to be transformed into a runway show or a presentation set up for fashion shows and everyone will be able to view the new collection more easily. 

Late last year, Kanye was hospitalized from stress and over exhaustion and since his release, he’s been working harder then ever on his music and fashion collection. We hope that all this hard work will pay off and we will see a new and improved side of the Yeezy collection. Don’t work too hard, Kanye. 

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