Places I Want To Go

Who hasn’t wanted to travel to at least one place in the world? There is so much history and beauty to be discovered and each land has a different culture. 

Ever since I was a young, I wanted to see the many wonders in the world. So lets start my list!


I have always wanted to see London because:

  1. I am Canadian and want to see the place that our Queen lives, aka Buckingham Palace
  2. I want to go on the London Eye
  3. I love Sherlock and want to see Baker Street cause wouldn’t that be amzing! Exactly!
  4. London is just a beautiful place and I want to actually one day live there!


Paris has always been a huge influence in my taste of fashion, art and my love for croissants can’t be denied! And I want to see the Eiffel Tower so badly!


I didn’t put just one city in Italy because I want to see the fields, Juliets house, go to the sea, and just see Italy for its beauty and eat some real Italian pizza and pasta!


Seoul has such a large history and has lots of temples, shops and parks to see and visit. I love South Korean dramas and music, and art and traditionally dress and just the beauty the South Korean land holds. 


If you didn’t know, I am a quarter Japanese(crazy, I know!). My father was First Nations and Japanese and I have always wanted to see the land that has some of my heritage. Plus I love Japanese fashion, anime, language, culture, food, and cherry blossoms are my favourite flowers because of how they only come at a certain time and their color and they are just simply breath taking. And I want to walk on top of the Tokyo Tower!

So those are some of the place I want to go some day! Where do you want to go? Where have you gone? Comment your own travels and your stories! I’d love to see them! Thank you all so much for reading my blog, don’t forget to watch my YouTube videos and subscribe and I love you all! BYE! 



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