I Wanted To Be In Magazines

Every girl and boy wants to do something in their life. They have a dream. They dream big because that’s what kids do. They dream and sometimes they keep those dream and eventually it becomes reality. 

My dream was to model in magazines and inspire many girls and boys out there and just to be amazing enough to be people’s idol. 

I always would look at the models on those printed pages and think “one day, I’ll be on that page”. 

Of course, I actually started to grow.

Then I stopped growing. 

I ended up 5’1 and I was devastated! I thought, maybe it’s just a pause in my growth, I’ll grow to be taller! But after about a year or two I realized I was never going to make it to be even 5’2. 

For the longest time, I was VERY upset about this. I couldn’t be a model, I could never be on a magazine cover, no one would ever look up to me and think; “I want to meet her! She is so cool!” I realized that I could never do what I wanted to do and that was to be part of the fashion world. 

Later, I realized that I didn’t have to be tall and skinny and super pretty to be into fashion. I could dress how I wanted and show off my love for it through my clothes. 

I didn’t need to inspire people by being on the cover of a magazine(even though that will always be a dream of mine), I could just be me. And soon, I started YouTube, then my blog where I model all my own clothes and share them with the world and show off not only my style, but also my personality. And in the end that what I wanted. Sure, it is no page of Vouge with my face on it, but I don’t have to play a character and I have complete control over what I put out there. 

No one should feel as though they have to give up on their dreams, they should feel free to accomplish many things, share their part to the great thing called life, make a impact on the world. 

Don’t ever feel embarrassed or sad or angry because you aren’t a model, a doctor, a actress or a lawyer. Be true to who you are and find a way to live you dream, your way. Your beautiful and talented and a great person so don’t forget that.



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