Thrice The Thrill

Hello Bloggers! How are you all doing? if you’re like me, you would have started or about to school. But they question is…


Because if you are fashionable, you know that it isn’t just the first day of school that you have to look on point. so here are some outfits that I love to wear and hope will give you some ideas

Outfit One

This one is rather simple but cute.


I am wearing a custom Alice in Wonderland mid-thigh skirt (which I love). Paired with black leggings, simple black ballet flats and a black off the shoulder tee.


Ballerina bun with a few strands to frame my face
Down with soft curls

Outfit Two



Long black tutu
Long sleeved striped shirt
Lace socks with ruffled ends
Black platforms
Black felt panama hat
Circular sunglasses

all down with loose curls or straight

Outfit Three



Ripper boyfriend jeans
Black belt
Black baseball cap
Black tee with patches
Black sneakers
Circular sunglasses


With this outfit I wear all my hair straight and down

wk_tt_imSo that’s all I’ve got for you today! Thank you so much for the love and support and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I post new videos every week! And follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I love you all,and I will see you NEXT time!


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